Title iii  pdf

Preface, by F. Edward CRANZix  pdf

Bibliography and List of Abbreviationsxiii  pdf



Arrianus, by Philip A. STADTER (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 1  pdf

Dionysius Periegetes, by George B. PARKS (Queens College, City University of New York)
and F. Edward CRANZ 21  pdf

Musici scriptores Graeci (Alypius, Anonymus Bellermannianus, Aristides Quintilianus,
Aristoxenus, Bacchius, Gaudentius, Nicomachus Gerasenus, Claudius Ptolemaeus), by F. Alberto GALLO (Università degli Studi di Bologna) 63  pdf

Priscianus Lydus, by Charles B. SCHMITT (Warburg Institute, University of London) 75  pdf

Thessalus astrologus, by David PINGREE (Brown University) 83  pdf



Caesar, by Virginia BROWN (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto) 87  pdf

Claudianus, by Amy K. CLARKE (Newnham and Lucy Cavendish Colleges, Cambridge) and
Harry L. LEVY (Duke University) 141  pdf

Columella, by Virginia BROWN 173  pdf

Palladius, by R. H. RODGERS (University of California, Berkeley) 195  pdf

Persius, by Dorothy ROBATHAN (Wellesley College) and F. Edward CRANZ, with the
assistance of Paul Oskar KRISTELLER and with a contribution by Bernhard BISCHOFF
(University of Munich) 201  pdf

Petronius, by A. Fred SOCHATOFF (Carnegie-Mellon University) 313  pdf

Silius Italicus, by Edward L. BASSETT (University of Chicago), Josef DELZ (Universität, Basel),
and A. J. DUNSTON (University of Sydney) 341  pdf

Vitruvius, by Lucia A. CIAPPONI (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) 399  pdf



Aeschylus, by Vera R. LACHMANN (Brooklyn College) and F. Edward CRANZ 411  pdf

Aristarchus, by F. Edward CRANZ and Paul Oskar KRISTELLER 412  pdf

Autolycus, by Paul Oskar KRISTELLER 413  pdf

Gregorius Nazianzenus, by Sister Agnes Clare WAY (Our Lady of the Lake University) 413  pdf

Hermetica Philosophica, by Marie-Thérèse D'ALVERNY (Centre National de la Recherche
Scientifique and Université de Poitiers) 425  pdf

Pappus, by Marjorie BOYER (York College of the City University of New York) 426  pdf

Stephanus Byzantius, by Aubrey DILLER (Indiana University) and Paul Oskar KRISTELLER 431  pdf

Juvenalis, by F. Edward CRANZ and Paul Oskar KRISTELLER 432  pdf

Livius, by A. H. McDONALD (Clare College) 445  pdf

Martianus Capella, by Cora E. LUTZ (Beinecke Library, Yale University) and with a note by
John J. CONTRENI (Purdue University) 449  pdf

Index of Manuscripts for Volumes I–III 453  pdf
Index of Translators and Commentators for Volume III 475  pdf
Index of Ancient Authors Treated in Volumes I–III 483  pdf